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Flanged Disc Bearing Units
Flanged disc harrow bearing units are integral assemblies specifically designed for the most severe tillage applications. Each configuration incorporates certain special dimensional attributes making the unit compatible in a variety of equipment designs. Inherent in most designs are two heavy gauge case hardened and zinc plated stampings which encapsulate the bearing with eight cold formed rivets for guaranteed integrity. Within the cavity two nitrile “O” rings are installed to exclude contaminants and provide a grease seal to ensure lubricant feeds directly into the bearing. The grease fitting is permanently retained in the stamping for easy access and maximum protection from the environment.
Square Bore Flanged Disc Bearings
Import# Price Timken# Price Square Bore Overall Length Bolt Holes Replaces Application
ST208-1N $21.25 1.00" 4.750” .531” BCA Part Number FD208R For Modern, Monroe Tuffline, King Kutter, Howse and IHC
FD209 1-1/8 SQ $32.40 DHU 1-1/8 S209 Timken $89.40 1-1/8” 5.00” .531” BCA Part Number FD209RM For Kewanee and Taylor Discs,
FD209 1-1/4 SQ $36.20 DHU 1-1/4 S209 Timken $99.55 1-1/4” 5.00” .531” BCA Part Number FD209RK For Krause Discs
FD211 1-1/2 SQ $36.80 DHU 1-1/2 S211 Timken $106.20 1-1/2” 5.50” .531” BCA Part Number FD211RM For Kewanee Discs, Replaces Kewanee B3587
Round Bore Flanged Disc Bearings
Import# Price Timken# Price Round Bore Overall Length Bolt Holes Replaces Application
FD209 1-1/2 R $32.55 DHU 1-1/2 R209 $87.80 1-1/2” 5.00” .531” BCA Part Number FD209RB For Krause And IHC Discs Replaces IHC ST3027
ST491-A $24.25 DHU41A Timken $74.15 1-3/4” 5.00” .531” BCA Part Number FD209RA For IHC 315, 330, 350, 370, 470, 480, & 490 Discs
FD211 1-15/16 R $39.70 DHU 1-15/16 S211 Timken $119.25 1-15/16” 5.50” .531” BCA Part Number FD211RJA For John Deere And Noble Do-Alls, Replaces IHC ST3012A
FD211 2-3/16 R $41.80 DHU 2-3/16 R211 $119.25 2-3/16” 5.50” .531” BCA Part Number FD211RB For IHC 500 And 501 DISCS, Replaces IHC ST740B